Senior researcher at VATT Institute for Economic Research
Working on immigration and urban economics questions


JUE insight: City-wide effects of new housing supply: Evidence from moving chains (with Tuukka Saarimaa and Oskari Harjunen) Journal of Urban Economics, January 2023, Vo. 133.

Immigrant intergenerational mobility: A focus on childhood environment (with Valentin Bolotnyy) European Economic Review, January 2023, Vol. 151.

Spillover effects of immigration policies (with Matz Dahlberg, Mattias Engdahl and Till Nikolka). Journal of Public Economics, October 2020, Vol. 190.

Working papers

Individualized benefits and access to active labor market programs boost refugee women’s economic integration (with Linna Martén and Lillit Ottosson) Revise and Resubmit, Review of Economics and Statistics

Firm productivity and immigrant-native earnings disparities New version Older WP version (with Olof Åslund, Stefano Lombardi and Anna Thoresson) Submitted

Age at arrival and residential integration (with Matz Dahlberg and Madhinee Valeyatheepillay)

Selected work in progress

Deregulation of social housing (with Tuukka Saarimaa and Oskari Harjunen)

Resting papers

Firm- and individual-level responses to labor immigration